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  • Scar Fx Silicone Scar Therapy, Size Of Patch 1" X 22", 1 Patch
  • Scar Fx Silicone Scar Therapy, Size Of Patch 1" X 22", 1 Patch
  • Scar Fx Silicone Scar Therapy, Size Of Patch 1" X 22", 1 Patch


Scar Fx Silicone Scar Therapy, Size Of Patch 1" X 22", 1 Patch


Scar Fx Silicone Scar Therapy, Size Of Patch 1" X 22", 1 Patch

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • Recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and gynecologist
  • Works well on both new and old scars regardless of the age of the scar
  • Help in the prevention of hypertrophic and keloid scarring
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Works great at flattening and smoothing your scarThis helps with the feel of your scar. It makes it very smooth. My scar is still red (I have medium tone/tan "white" skin) and will only fade with time. I have purchased this item in the past for a surgery scar and again this time for another surgery. Works great at flattening and smoothing your scar, I did not see much difference in the color my scar - I think only time will fade that. Great choice to fix the texture and smoothness of your scar. 5DisappointingDisappointing. This scar patch is quite thick and will NOT adhere to your skin. So, unless you're prepared to tape it to your skin, don't waste your money. My plastic surgeon also expressed the patch was surprisingly thick. I will not be repurchasing. I will be seeking an alternate brand. 1Gentlemen, BewareAs with others who brought this item, I intended to help fade a scar (mine runs across my abdominal). First off, wearing it nightly for about 8-9 hours has noticeably helped my scar to become less pronounced. Its best used as a nightly regimen, unless you're lying around at home during the day. Going out with this and moving about a lot could easily lead to it becoming unstuck from your body - but overall I think adheres comfortably and stays in place (and my scar is not a straight line either). For the price I put into my surgery, this is not really a major investment and easier and less messy than spreading vitamin E oil on everyday.My major gripe with this? KEEPING IT CLEAN! When I say gentleman beware, I mean that any type of body hair sticks right on, so keep the area you are using in it clean. Also, I'd avoid wearing anything over it that could shed lint, for example, as this also sticks onto the strip - and things that adhere are difficult/almost impossible to remove. Use hot water and soap to keep it clean and when not wearing it, put it somewhere it won't get dirty (some use water bottles, I use a cleaned section of my tub wall). I do wish the product came with more guidance on this. 3Works great, well worth the cost.This is a pretty impressive product. I don't know how it works, but it does. I've been using it for a week and a half and my scar is really flattening out. Pulling it off feels weird, but does not hurt.It's a clear strip, one side is very sticky. You wear it for 12 hours, then leave it off for 12 hours. It comes on a backing strip (so it doesn't stick to the box they mail it in) and after wearing it, it's pretty easy to stick it back on the backing strip to store it (you want to keep it from getting dirty).I am really happy with the results on this product. I understand the strips don't stay sticky forever, they are supposed to be good for about 3 weeks, so I will be buying more. My surgeon told me to keep wearing it 12 hours a day until my scar looks the way I want it to look, his estimate was about 3 months. 5ONE nipple patch???Who sells ONE nipple patch??? Are there many women who only have one nipple?.. And that one nipple must be really big - this patch is about 1/8" too big.. 1Really worksReally works. I purchased it before for a tummy tuck and it flattens/smooths the scar and helps with the color. The most noticeable effect is on the smoothness of your scar. I just had a scar revision procedure two years later and again opted to purchase this product. Ive worn it for only two days so far and my three week old scar is considerably smoother and better in appearance. Dont hesitate to purchase this product. In all fairness you will still see your scar so dont let me mislead you but it will be so much better and worth the money. 5... have used silicone treatment for scars from surgery with good results. I was hopeful these would work for ...I have used silicone treatment for scars from surgery with good results. I was hopeful these would work for stretch marks. They were too flimsy and did not really stick. 1Totally Surprised! Go this way to save $$$After having surgery, I was told to get Scar Gaurd to begin to heal the lengthy scar that I have. me being Carmel Toned, of course there would be a dark mark after a cut. I had purchased Scar Gaurd for about $27 at my local drugstore but Decided to try this tape for an alternate inbetween. After all the scargaurd only last for a week or two if you're using it twice per day and that gets Expensive! . When I wore this tape to a follow up appointment. My Dr told me that this was a GREAT Product and he can tell that it's working. I have recommended others who are getting the surgery that I had. It really does work. The only drawback is clining it. you know that sticky stuff when it turns and it's a bit gross trying to clean/scrape the gunk off but well worth the price! 4Use as directed and amazing results!Amazing! This is all I used after a breast augmentation. Used as directed. I am very pale and was assured I'd have to do scar rejuvenation after a year. In less than 6 months my scars were flat with only one small area of pink. Within, three more months that was also gone. It looks amazing! My dr was thrilled! I recommend highly to everyone I met who is having surgery. 5Be aware before you buy - only 1 strip per box!"Scar Fx Self-Adhesive Silicone Sheeting, 1.5"x3" 1 ea" It was a mistake on my part for assuming this box contained more than just 1 strip. The "1 ea" on the ad (ea being an abbreviation for each) means just what is says - there is ONLY one small l.5" x 3" strip per box which costs $21.95! They do make the claim on the same box that only 1 strip is necessary, but it should be stated clearly that the one strip is all you are getting for that price. Even Silagen costs $68 at the dermatologist office and the box contains six 1" x 5" strips. Additionally, for just a few more dollars, ScarFx also offers sizes longer than the 3", i.e. there is a an option to purchase a 1"x22" strip for $36.49. I wished I considered the other options before hastily placing the order for one very expensive bandage.For $39.74, New Gel Plus offers four 1"x 6" strips has some good reviews, so will be giving these a try. 1
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