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  • Meditex Infant and Child Umbilical Navel Hernia Truss Belt - Small


Meditex Infant and Child Umbilical Navel Hernia Truss Belt - Small


Meditex Infant and Child Umbilical Navel Hernia Truss Belt - Small

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • Meditex umbilical hernia belt provides significant relief from abdominal pain associated with an umbilical hernia
  • The belt fabric is soft, stretchable and adjustable
  • A soft ball shaped knob in the center is anatomically shaped to fit the region of an umbilical hernia
  • Measure around abdomen (belly) for a proper fit as belt is intended to provide compression.
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It worked for my child and might work for yours.I bought this product in the hope that it would help my sons umbilical hernia improve over time and I couldn t be more satisfied with the products result. After two weeks of using the belt, day and night, the umbilical hernia disappeared. My son went from having an outie that looked like a nub coming out of his stomach, to having a normal looking belly button. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an alternative way to treat and improve the appearance of their baby s belly button. Just make sure that when you put the belt on your baby, you put it over his or her shirt. It helps to avoid any discomfort that may be experienced by wearing the belt. 5Worked fast, and stays in place better than other hernia bands.Despite all other internet research telling us there was no scientific evidence for umbilical hernia belts actually working, my spouse and I still purchased and used this hernia band. The wide elastic helped this band stay in place, although it stays in place much better when worn above a thin layer of clothing (as opposed to right on the skin, like the baby in the product photo).Our Pediatrician laughed at us a bit, telling us that the hernia would likely reduce on its own by the time our child was 5 years old. She also admitted that it probably wasn't going to hurt our baby, so we kept using it. We posted before and after photos of using this product for 4 weeks. Might the hernia have reduced on its own within 5 years? Highly likely. Am I glad I purchased and used this band for one month and eliminated my baby's umbilical hernia? Absolutely! Could it have gone away without the band? Definitely, but we're still glad we used the product.We started using the band at 6 weeks of age, and continued until 10 weeks. Though there were immediate results, our child's hernia wouldn't stay reduced for long. We kept it on for about a week after it seemed like the hernia was reduced permanently.We also purchased another umbilical binder, "Medical Grade CHILD UMBILICAL HERNIA Belt," that was one-size fits all, and the thinner strap seemed to dig into our baby's skin. We used it only when the Meditex band was in the wash. 5My baby was born with an umbilical hernia that got progressively worse. It was very painful for him and he ...This changed our lives!! My baby was born with an umbilical hernia that got progressively worse. It was very painful for him and he cried all the time every day. We bought this belt after a bit of online research as we were desperate to help him. It arrived and within 24 hours of wearing it the hernia had visibly reduced and we had a totally happy baby! It is super annoying to take off and put back on at each diaper change, but so so so worth the comfort it provides. His hernia is completely reduced now and it looks like a normal belly button, but it's still painful if we leave his belt off. I would recommend this to any parents dealing with umbilical hernias. 5It was helpfulI bought a similar band to this and spent a lot of money but my baby wiggled out of it at every turn because the band was too narrow at her waist. If it can't stay on, it does not help baby like it is supposed to. This one stayed on much better because the band is wide all through. I still have not gotten the full results but I can see it made a difference. Wish I had gotten this earlier so that baby's umbilical hernia would be corrected. 4Super disappointed.Didn't work at all for us. Maybe my baby's hernia is too big or something, but we would fit it on properly, then the hernia would wind up popping out anyway- the band would then just push the hernia down flat against his belly (instead of in) and was very uncomfortable. Super disappointed. 1Don't size up, Get the right sizeI bought this to use on my newborns belly button to ensure she doesn't have an outtie.Belt absolutely seemed like to would work, but I decided to discontinue use for now because I couldn't get it to stay in place on my 4 week old. The round numb part on the inside left an indent in her abodomen that didn't go away for nearly days after the band moved up on herUPDATE: (14 months later)That indent was actually a hernia I believe to be caused by using the belt.My daughter never had a hernia to begin with, her belly button was healing as an out tie. We now have to wait for her hernia to heal to see whether it stays that way.If yr baby is in fact ALREADY suffering from a hernia.....this thing works. Otherwise you run the risk of giving your child a minor but unnecessary indented hernia. 1Miracle!I am so glad I ordered this belt for my baby girl when she was about 3 months old. I was told that her umbilical hernia would heal on its own by the time she was 2 years old by several medical professionals and not to worry about it because it was fairly common and didn t hurt the baby. My baby was constantly crying and although I couldn t prove that the hernia was the cause, whenever she had pressure applied to her abdomen she seemed to relax, so I bought this just to try.It was a miracle! So easy to use. (I recommend using it over a white onesie under whatever pajamas/outfit baby wears as the Velcro piece can be irritating to baby.)Within a week and a half her belly button looked normal, and her temperament changed for the better.I haven t had to use it since, and highly recommend it to any parent in My same situation! 5This product worksMy son had a small umbilical hernia at his one month appt. His pediatrician said there was nothing to do for it, stating most resolve on their own but some require surgery. I was not okay with doing nothing about it. Everytime he cried, all I thought about was how it was making the hernia worse. And it did start becoming larger and stuck out farther.He's been wearing this for 1 1/2 months now. His belly button looks completely normal and I don't feel that opening in his abdominal wall anymore. He will continue to wear it until his pediatrician says it's completely resolved. I'm extremely pleased with the product.When we went to his 2 month appt, the Pediatrician asked if I could return it bc it was a waste of money. Umm, absolutely not, I even showed her the pics of how bad it had gotten before using the band and she still said it was useless. Oh well. I must agree to disagree.He wears it all the time except for bathing. I also put a cotton ball between his belly button and the band.I will recommend this same exact one to anyone I know who's baby gets an umbilical hernia. 5Not worth your moneyThis was my second attempt at trying to use a similar product as I have before, and maybe luck would struck the second time around... WRONG! Do not buy if you have a baby that moves A LOT! This thing just kept moving out of place and kept bothering my baby and hurting him even more. Save your money and simply go to Walgreens, buy some gauze and some Nexcare tape for sensitive skin and you'll be amazed at the results! I ended up wasting like $40+ on these "umbilical hernia belts" and completely regret it when I got no results. 1It worked for us!I cannot say enough good things about this hernia belt. Prior to using it I had tried the "coin trick" which is to tape a coin over the hernia- an old wives tale that many swore by. That method definitely did work and it halved the hernia in 48hours; but I think my little preemie girl was growing too fast because the tape would be pulling and uncomfortable for her by the end of the day and the replacement was horrendous. I knew there had to be a better way and that's when I discovered the hernia belt.I've included a before and after picture. The before picture is even after the coin halved it. It was still massive, and our pediatrician was just like "oh just wait for it to go away, it doesn't bother her, but it could take up to 5 years but we can look at surgery when she's two." Are you effing kidding me? You think it doesn't bother her because she doesn't scream when you touch it? I have seen it puffed and angry, seen the grooves on the intestines and the trapped gas swirled in the protrusion, and you're gonna tell me it doesn't bother her? Her poops aren't right, she can't pass gas, and she's fussy and grunting all the time now and you think nothing is bothering her?Screw that.This cleared it up in 2 weeks.My method: the intestines naturally swirl in a clockwise fashion so, keeping that in mind, when I'm placing this belt I would swirl the protrusion gently clockwise until it had all sucked back through the hole in her abdomen. This feels creepy but is necessary. Keep your finger there, and if need be also fold over the skin so further block the hole. Then, like Indiana Jones, you are going to swap the "nub" on the belt with your finger. The goal is to "plug" the hole with the nub. Hold it there and then velcro as tight as necessary so that the nub will stay put but not be too suffocating (probably helps to place the belt mostly in position before starting).She wore it basically 100% of the time because it really did seem to help with the pressure in her abdomen but I did check it pretty much every time I changed her diaper; just a peek under the edge to make sure the nub was still in its place. And probably readjusted once or twice a day to make sure it wasn't too tight or too loose.If you are thinking of using this because your baby has a hernia or because your baby grunts a lot and you want to prevent a hernia I would say just order the belt! 5
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