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  • FlapJacked Mighty Muffins, Chocolate Lovers Variety, 12 Pack | 20g Protein + Probiotics
  • FlapJacked Mighty Muffins, Chocolate Lovers Variety, 12 Pack | 20g Protein + Probiotics
  • FlapJacked Mighty Muffins, Chocolate Lovers Variety, 12 Pack | 20g Protein + Probiotics
  • FlapJacked Mighty Muffins, Chocolate Lovers Variety, 12 Pack | 20g Protein + Probiotics


FlapJacked Mighty Muffins, Chocolate Lovers Variety, 12 Pack | 20g Protein + Probiotics


FlapJacked Mighty Muffins, Chocolate Lovers Variety, 12 Pack | 20g Protein + Probiotics

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • Chocolate lovers rejoice! This pack includes 4 of each flavor: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter and S'mores,
  • Mighty macros! Each FlapJacked Mighty Muffin gives you 20g of protein, with under 20 net carbs and 10g of sugar or less. No artificial ingredients!
  • Breakfast. Pre-workout. Post-workout. Second breakfast. Leg day. Late night dessert or midnight snack. Mighty Muffin fans eat them around the clock as a tastier alternative to protein bars, shakes or jerky.
  • Ready in seconds! Just add water, stir and microwave. Adjust the cook time up or down by a few seconds for a more gooey or cake-like muffin experience.
  • Issues with your order? Want tips on cooking? Looking for other flavors? Were happy to help in any way we can. Contact us if you arent 100% satisfied and well make it right!
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Good but MisleadingI really like the taste of these but the cooked rise and volumes nothing like it shows. Cooked product rises a little over half way up the cup at 45 seconds on 950 watt, less on some flavors which is mis leading and frankly false advertising. Less time say 40 sec for a more gooey texture gives you even less volume once cooked. No way you cook it will result in that fluffy muffin top they show on the cup. The taste though is good.3Really good for what it isIf you are comparing this to a typical muffin you will be a little disappointed, but for a gluten free, high protein, low calorie muffin it is really good. I thought the double chocolate was best-tasted just like I wanted it to. Chocolate peanut butter had great flavor, but was slightly dry which may just be an issue with the cook time I can work out. The chocolate cherry is not generally a combo I would go for, but they actually did a really good job with it and I was pleasantly surprised. My only disappointment was the s'mores flavor. It tasted ok, but the batter itself had very little flavor (almost vaguely salty instead of sweet) so all of the flavor came from the chocolate and marshmallow bits which sank to the bottom during microwaving, leaving the top half of the muffin pretty disappointing. It was edible but definitely not something I would be super excited about eating. Overall a good option for a quick breakfast that satisfies a muffin craving and doesn't have the typical protein powder taste you get in a lot of high protein foods. I will definitely try more flavors and reorder the chocolate pack.4Super disappointing, taste is horrible.I really wanted to like these, because I now have a cabinet full of them and I feel terrible just tossing them in the trash. However, these are just straight up gross. They taste like what you d expect protein powder mixed with water to taste like cardboard, dry, tasteless. Super disappointing buy. Guess I ll keep looking for my easy healthy breakfast.1Great productVery good muffins. I've tried making protein muffins at home and have never been able to beat the macros on Flapjack Mighty Muffins following a recipe that used ingredients I had on hand. Plus they never tasted as good. Plus plus, making my own requires more cleanup. I've tried pretty much every flavor and liked them all. The tart cherry in this box was new to me and it was very good. Will definitely order again.5Terrible. A complete lie and you can't return it.UPDATE: I hate this stuff. After reading all the great reviews, I decided to purchase both packs to try each flavor. It was $60! There was absolutely no mention that I could not return it. I really thought this product was going to be a good protein bar replacement with my morning coffee.Had this been a good tasting product, I would have chalked up the "goo in a cup" to the usual hype these supplement marketing companies produce BUT this stuff is has a terrible texture and the flavor taste like chemicals.I hate it and I cannot return it.OLD REVIEW:The pictures show a delicious muffin complete with a muffin top and cake like texture. What emerged from my microwave was a twisted mass of goo that tastes like a bad protein shake you cooked in the microwave. $30 for a delicious muffin with 20gr protein was asking a lot but I really wanted to believe they had something special here. It appears they do not.This is protein powder in a cup. Refund please.1An actual Amazon review you can trustUnlike most Amazon reviews these days, I like to actually spend time using a product (at the very least several weeks) before I write a review. Most of us want to know whether we will still like what we bought months to years down the road. That being said, these "Mighty Muffins" definitely fit the bill.I have tried nearly every single flavor Mighty Muffin (except pumkin) thus far and have been eating these for over a month now and can tell you from an intermediate bodybuilder's perspective, these are great for cutting with a sweet tooth. The macros on these things have been awesome!For a 50-gram, 220-240-calorie snack, the break down is about F-18, C-42, P-40, with each muffin containing 20 grams of protein!For those who don't track or care about macros, the flavor is great; some better than others, but in my opinion, every flavor has been really tasty -- especially paired with a cup of black coffee. The texture will depend on how long you microwave it, but I like mine to be moist (sorry about that adjective, as I am aware at least 60% of the US population cringe at it), so I'm at about 30-ish seconds in the radiation box.This brings me to the common mistakes people make when preparing these. First, I would recommend a relatively powerful microwave -- one that can pop a large bag of popcorn in under 2 mins (about 1200 watts). The reason is, I have tried microwaving these in weaker-powered microwaves and can never get the end result the way I want it. It will end up either too dry, or too underdone. Also, follow the recommendation for liquid to dry ingredients. It says 1/4 cup of water, so don't use more or less and measure out 1/4 cup of water. Stir COMPLETELY until all of the dry is fully incorporated with the wet and forms somewhat of a dough. Finally, after microwaving, if you like *moist* (sorry again), then microwave and let sit for 60 seconds or so before consuming. The cooking process will continue after the microwave stops as the heat escapes the cup.These are definitely NOT for those who are on a budget. They are insanely expensive. If you're looking for low-cost protein products, keep looking, because these aren't it. If you can afford the high cost, however, they are a tasty treat that won't stick to the belly.4Stick to the chocolate flavorsI had tried and loved the double chocolate and chocolate peanut butter versions, so I figured the s mores would also be great. The chocolate ones cook slower (I ve tried 2 different microwaves) and I like to undercook them a little for a lava cake effect....very good dessert replacement. I add a twist of sea salt to bring out the sweetness. S mores is not chocolate-based like the other two and I find it very bland...tastes like sugarless white cake. Easy to overlook too even though the directions are identical. I don t think I will try anymore of the non-chocolate ones personally5Great snack or meal replacement!I've been having a lot of nausea during my pregnancy and these are one of the few things I've been able to eat and even enjoy. They're very tasty, not too sweet and just one muffin keeps me full for a few hours. I like how healthy they are. So far I've tried the double chocolate and the chocolate peanut butter. Both good!5Love these muffins!I was introduced to these muffins a little over 6 months ago. They are perfect if your watching your sugar/carb intake. I usually have them as a breakfast replacement, but they also make a great "sweet snack" when those cravings occur. They taste great and leave me feeling full. They are incredibly hard to find at stores around me. The stores always seem to be low on stock and they don't have as many varieties as what I have seen available online. I was so happy to find them on amazon. I definitely recommend these muffins!5Fresh, warm Guten Free and High Protein muffinsBaked treats for a gluten free type one diabetic can be tricky. I hate to eat things that are high in carbs. These muffins have a great carb to protein balance so my numbers don't go too high. To top it off, they are gluten free!!!! What a treat! I thought I liked the Chocolate chip chocolate muffin best..... until I tried the Chocolate peanut butter again. When I microwaved it for 40 seconds instead of 45 the result was a warm chocolate muffin with gooey peanut butter bits. Awesome!!5
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