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  • Donegan OSC OptiSIGHT Binocular Magnifying Visor, Red
  • Donegan OSC OptiSIGHT Binocular Magnifying Visor, Red

Donegan Optical

Donegan OSC OptiSIGHT Binocular Magnifying Visor, Red

Donegan Optical

Donegan OSC OptiSIGHT Binocular Magnifying Visor, Red

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • Red color headband binocular visor with three magnifying lens plates for hands-free viewing
  • Interchangeable lens plates provide 3X, 4X, and 5X magnification
  • Optical-grade acrylic prismatic lenses for improved focus and reduced eye strain
  • Visor tension-adjustment knobs allow visor to tilt out of way when not needed
  • Can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses
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Customer Reviews

Not as good as I'd expectedI have a Donegan Optivisor and thought that this might be a lighter alternative for a less "enclosed" magnifier. However, although the optics (lenses) are excellent, I found the headband just isn't all that comfortable, for my head anyway. There is a foam pad which sits on your forehead, but I found that it was just outside (ie to either side) of this that I need some padding as it pinches my head. I tried soaking the headband in hot tap water to allow me to form it a little differently but it hasn't helped. In addition, the slotted rubber strap which alllows you to adjust the band isn't as convenient as the knob adjustment on the Optivisor.Others have given this unit a good review, so it may just be a matter of it "not working for me" especially given Donegan's reputation for good products.The "open" style of magnifier I've found the best is a Loupe model from Edroy products, which I don't think Amazon sells, although they have other models. I t has a lighter, thinner, more flexible headband than the Donegan, with a turn-knob adjustment at the back, and the rectangular lenses, rather than being in a frame like the Donegan, are un-framed, attached to a rectangular arm that extends from the headband and can pivot up out of the way. (Like the Edroy Opticaid 915 clip-on, but on a headband..) I find theis the most comfortable and convenient. 3Great helping aid for little moneyMy eyesight has been declining for several years due to cancer of the retina, so I was in need of some visual aid for doing electronic repair work. The OptiSight has been just the ticket. The lenses are surprisingly clear (more clear and crisp than a new set of reading glasses) and the headband is comfortable for several hours of use. The headband and lens holder stay in place after adjustment and can be used simultaneously with prescription or reading glasses. Setting the lens mount slightly high, the user can adjust his/her head position to switch between normal glasses and OptiSight without having to take either one on or off the head -- very convenient. Viewing can also be done through both prescription glasses and OptiSight (at the same time), but I've not noticed much advantage to this. The product comes with three lenses of varying magnification. The lenses are fairly easy to change, but it's nearly impossible to do this without touching the lens with fingers. This is a minor issue, but worth mentioning. Overall, I think the OptiSight works very well and is an incredible bargain considering the purchase price. 5and can be worn comfortably for hoursI own three of these things. They are inexpensive, very light, and can be worn comfortably for hours. I occasionally discover that I'm still wearing one (with the lens flipped up, of course) after I've left my workbench and moved on to some other activity. I have them in different colors and keep one each with the 4 power, 5 power, and the optional 7 power (purchased separately) lens. That's because changing lenses is a bother and, after changing, you have to wipe your fingerprints off the newly installed lens.A possible downside is the tension strap. This is listed as optional but is really necessary if you want the magnifier to stay in place when you move your head very much. The strap is made of a flimsy soft plastic and will break pretty quickly if any real tension is applied to it. Once that happens, you'll have to figure out something to use in its place. 4Beware, doesn't match descriptionThis is a great product - BUT - took one star off, because it does not match product description. It does NOT come with 2 extra different-power lenses. It has one lens, permanently installed (cannot be slid out & replaced with another power lens, like my old one did). I don't care, because this lens is perfect for me & my sewing/ crafts - but others may care. Also: there was no "tension strap" included. Again - I don't care; fits me [average female head-size] fine, & flexes for a bigger head. Besides, reviews say the strap was just a cheesy thin breakable bit of plastic. 4don't know how i got on without it...The optiSIGHT visor is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. I usually forget that I have it on! The pivot for the lens carrier is excellent: it can be tightened to hold the lens at a specific level, or provide just enough tension to move it up and down as needed.This model has plastic lenses, not glass like the more expensive models. I had concerns about the optical quality and durability, but I am happy to be wrong! The optics are clear, and should a lens ever be scratched, they are only around $5 to replace (not $25 like for glass).It comes with 3 powers: 1.75X at 14" distance, 2X at 10" distance, and 2.5X at 8" distance.Another lens is sold separately, the OptiSIGHT LE7 lensplate, which is 2X at a 6" viewing distance.I thought that I would want more magnification, that 2.5X wouldn't be enough, but so far I am very pleased with this purchase. I can wear it while working for hours without headaches or eye strain. And my craftsmanship has improved! 5As good as the Optivisor for most situations.Unless you're using a magnifier for hours at a time I think these are as good as the Donegan Optivisor for most purposes at less than half the cost. They have the American company Donegan quality of well made lenses and headband. Very quick to put on to get a splinter out, etc. 5More than a toy: a useful tool.I'm not sure why Amazon has this in the toy category, but it is also in tools and other categories as well. In any event, kids would appreciate this as a toy or a hobby aid. No matter what you use OptiSight for, it is worth the money. I've owned several devices like this over the years and the older I get, the more I need them. Of course, devices like this aren't generally used every day, so they tend to get lost, packed away, whatever. I don't recall ever breaking one, though. Anyway, this newest iteration is great. It comes with three magnifying lenses: # 3 that magnifies 1.75x at 14 inch viewing distance # 4 magnifies 2x at 10 inch viewing distance # 5 magnifies 2.5x at 8 inch viewing distance The lenses are plastic and not of the highest quality, but are more than adequate for normal uses. I wouldn't recommend using them for microelectronic assembly six hours a day, but for a couple of hours at a time, they work just fine. Construction is very simple and robust. It is a band of formed plastic that will fit seemingly any adult head and those of older children. There is a simple tensioning mechanism that holds that lenses where you want them - and it works really well. You won't have to worry about the lenses slipping from the position you put them in. There is a poly strap included in the package - and you better be on the lookout for it, because it is hard to spot in the package - that you use to tighten the band around your head. Field of view for the lenses is more than adequate for close work. Overall, the OptiSight Magnifying Visor does the job it is intended to do. At the price, it is an excellent value and a very handy tool to have around when you need it.Jerry 5I'm impressed and didn't expect to be...I already have the more expensive Bausch & Lomb magnifying visor and I bought the OptiSight as an inexpensive backup to use in the dinosaur prep lab where I volunteer. While the Honeywell visor is indeed better made, the OptiSight is lighter and more comfortable to wear. The optical quality is as good as the Bausch & Lomb as far as I an tell. I have a large head size and the silicone rubber band provided with this visor is too short to use. However, I find the visor stays in place without the band and not using the band makes the visor easier to put on and remove, as well as making it more comfortable to wear. Folks with smaller hat sizes will need to use the rubber strap and therefore may not find the visor quite as comfortable.Especially for the money, I'm very impressed with this product. 5Donegan does it well againThe all plastic construction and reduced material makes it lighter, easier to wear in hot weather, offers minimal obstruction to your regular and peripheral vision and overall lower cost compared to Donegan's flagship OptiVisor Donegan OptiVisor Headband Magnifier 2 1/2X Magnification. Its simply made, which means little can go wrong, easy to clean, easy to adjust visor or headband tensions and the lenses are very easy to interchange and mount.I have no trouble wearing this item on my head for hours on end, unlike the OptiVisor which is worn like a crown and thumbscrewed for comfortable tightness on your skull, you can wear the OptiSight in different positions you find secure and comfortable as it slips on like eyeglasses. I wear it propped like sunglasses atop your head, and pull the lens way down to allow me to see straight ahead easily. Other times where I shift between magnified vision and my unassisted eyes, I wear it like eyeglasses, with the headband resting nearer to the back of my ears. The headband strap is optional for smaller heads or if you like the headband tight, I don't use it.A reason for choosing Donegan over similar looking competition is their reputation for good optics. While glass for optics is preferred, plastic can be as good and weighs less, if _made_ properly. Lenses have to be free of subtle aberrations to prevent eye fatigue or worse, headaches, and it may not be noticeable until you work for hours with cheaper lenses that look OK by initial inspection. If you buy a cheapo magnifier, you'll have to find how good the lenses or the headband construction is by buying it and working with it for hours. For buying an item sight unseen, the Donegan is a better bet because of consistent quality in both lenses and visors across all their models.Lighter acrylic lenses mean a lighter visor, and like eyeglasses, can be worn for longer durations. Donegan uses the beefier Optivisor for its glass lenses with loupe attachment options, or acrylic lenses in the OptiVisor LX, both at higher cost.Optisight ships with 3 lenses, allowing users to optimize magnification for various types of work. Optivisor and LX ship with one choice of lens. As magnification increases, the distance between the lens and the working object decreases, as expected. However, properly made visors must have the same distance between the lens and your eyes; some cheaper models don't and it makes their interchangable lenses blurry and useless.For those who care, Donegan states all its visors are designed and made in USA.One drawback is a stowage pouch for the extra lenses. Without one, its easy to lose them. 5Decent, but you can do better for $20These are pretty decent. The color if fun. My 3-y-o wanted a flip-up goggle to play "Ghostbusters" and we're building a mock night-vision scope around these.As a magnifier, they work pretty well. I use magnifying goggles all the time in my work because of my aging eyes. I can tell you that you can do much better for $20, though. These should sell for about $5. They don't have headband padding and the closure is a crummy slotted rubber strap that goes across the flanges on the two back bands. It has a lot of range -- goes from my 3-year-old's small head to my big man's head, but it doesn't fit as nicely as my $7 cheapo black visors (with Velcro closure) that have two flip-down sets of lenses PLUS a loupe.Velcro closure of the bands would be better. Screw-down knob on the head-adjustment bands would be better.The tensioning screws are a plus, though. 3
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