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  • CEP Women's AllSports Compression Leg Sleeves - Size: Medium - White


CEP Women's AllSports Compression Leg Sleeves - Size: Medium - White


CEP Women's AllSports Compression Leg Sleeves - Size: Medium - White

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • improves oxygen supply to calf muscles
  • expedites reabsorption of lactic acid
  • increases performance
  • accelerates regeneration
  • stabilizes and minimizes muscle vibrations
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Amazingly awesome!Ok I'll admit, my first thought was really, do they really work? I'm not one to buy something just because everyone else has it, or because it's in style or any of that. I am the type who does ALOT of research before I buy most things. So, I read most of the reviews on CEP and thought hey, I'll give it a shot. I'd been running for several months and developed this terrible knot and tightness on my calf, after resting it a week, still I had the pain. I was desperate so I gave this a shot. I wore it on the run, and at night to sleep in for about 2 days, I gotta say it worked like a charm! I was in shock. After 1 week, my pain is completely gone and it's true, legs feel super fresh after a run. The feeling is that of a comfortable hug, when I take them off it actually feels a bit weird at first. I will say that it is true to size, I have a 15.5 in calf and the W IV fit perfect. Also, they don't smell after wearing them on 4 runs, they dry very quickly (I wash by hand and hang to dry but not in the sun). They are ready to go again the next day. I will be buying another pair to switch them out or to wear a pair to sleep while the other is used to run in. These are amazing, if I'd only known when I was training for my half marathon I'd have bought them sooner. Also, it's always hot in South FL so I will say that the very first time my legs felt a little warm (because I'm not used to wearing knee highs) but after a couple times, I barely even notice them. The legs do feel cooler when I sweat because of the fabric. It doesn't hold on to the sweat. Check out CEP's website, it was very informative as to why not all compression sleeves are alike. Definitely recommend! 5Helps With Painful LegI have chronic arthritis in the knee. Recently, I developed a Baker's Cyst (Google it). The ice packs gave temporary relief. I was in seemingly constant pain (a 6-9) on the pain level scale. After 4 days, the pain related to the Baker's Cyst is under control, 1-2 pain level most hours of the day. I am using a combo of this suppression sleeve sock, ice, an LED light (also purchased via Amazon), and elevation of my legs during my recovery. My doctor recommended ice, rest and leg elevation. I can not say which helped most. However, this was very beneficial when I had to walk. It kept me from being confined to the bed. It comes in pairs. Since only one leg needed the suppression sleeve, I did not have to wash as much. It's attractive enough to wear with shorts. It's also good in the car or anyplace where your legs are down. I also own a few pairs of travel suppression socks (toes in). I like this sleeve better, at least in summer. You can wear sandals with this sleeve although enclosed shoes seemed to lessen my pain. 5WorksI like these a lot, much better than the version with feet on them. I have large calves *runner, and small feet, so that may be why the socks are not my fave. These are easy to get on, easy to wash, and the benefits of compression are noticeable. I mostly use them for recovery as opposed to for actually running. I wear them on runs occasionally when my legs are feeling sluggish and it helps put a spring in my step. I also have used them to distract form shorts that seem too short. It is a good look. Like a super hero.I am a running coach, and I would not recommend wearing these all the time when you run. You can become somewhat dependent on the support and running without the compression can become uncomfortable. 4You don't have to be an athleteI was having trouble with my ankles swelling on long days riding my motorcycle. They would swell so much that my boots hurt me, and my boots are normally very comfortable! Also, my feet would be kinda splotchy and discolored when this happened, and my toe-nails would be bluish. I went to the doctor, afraid I had developed diabetes or something. But my bloodwork looked fine, and the doctor found nothing wrong with me. He suggested compression socks. I chose these kinda randomly because they had a decent sizing chart that included a size that fit my measurements, and because the reviews said they were longer than some others - I am tall and have long legs.I was afraid they'd feel like a tourniquet, but they are quite comfortable. And they have worked really well. My feet and ankles never give me trouble when I wear them.I have only had them for a month, so I don't know how durable they will be. But I am back to buy a second pair. 5Great, but....I had extensive surgery on both of my legs a few years ago and wear a compression product daily. Compression sleeves are wonderful because I don't have to wash them everyday, as I would a sock or tight. I workout a lot and these are a must when working my legs. My biggest problem with this sleeve is with the emblem on the front. It is embroidered on, pressing a slightly abrasive patch into my shin. The veins under this patch stay itchy and purple. Someone who uses the sleeves just for runs may never encounter this problem. 3Calf support following tearI got this following an intermediate calf muscle tear , now in my 5th week of recuperation. This definitely helped, started wearing it in the second week while still on crutches. Provides a good feeling of support and reduces pain. It is however tight so make sure you correctly measure the widest part of your calf. I did find it tight down at the bottom closer to my ankle but it stretched after a few wears. Subsequently I purchased another sleeve that was lighter 2XU and not as much support. I like them both but probably prefer the second one now later in my recovery. 5Not just for marathon/endurance runners.I started back on the treadmill and experienced extreme calf fatigue and intense shin splints, even with maximum support Brooks running shoes. I got these on sale to see if they'd help at all and ended up buying two more pairs. They are comfortable enough I was able to wear them before, during, and after my run. They are lightweight/breathable enough I was ok wearing them in 95 degree weather in my garage with a fan as my only cooling appliance. 5Great for RNs!As a registered nurse, I'm always on my feet at work! I didn't want to buy compression socks/stockings because I wanted something I can wear 3 days in a row without having to be washed. And I know for a fact that the socks and stockings can become smelly so that's why I wanted to try out some sleeves.These things are great! Even after 3 days in a row, they don't lose their elasticity. I wash them once a week in cold water and let them air dry and they are still in great condition. I've been wearing them for almost 5 months and there has only been a few times that my legs have felt tight and tender(due to pooling blood?) and that's when I've had extremely busy shifts.I don't get over heated with these on, as I've heard complaints from other RN's from stockings/socks. If anything, they feel really comfortable. My only wish was if they came in longer lengths, because only stockings (which have the foot part) come in long lengths.Aside from that, this is a great product that I plan on buying again! 5Great sleeve, better than the pricier onesI purchased these as a second set of compression sleeves so that one could be in the wash. The other pair I have are the 2XU sleeves that I bought for a LOT more money at a local running store. Although the 2XUs are a little cooler (temperature-wise), being all Lycra, the CEP sleeves offer much better compression. No only do I have rather impressive varicose veins that get more pronounced and painful when I run, I recently switched my gait to a mid-foot strike from a heel strike to cut down on knee and hip injury, and my calves were screaming until I started using compression sleeves. These sleeves provide more than ample support for both issues. There is a noticeable difference in the reduced amount of calf pain I experience with these sleeves over the 2XUs. Also, these look a bit more like socks, so they don't look quite so weird when I'm wearing them to run or bike. 5Item sent was not what's pictured!The sleeves I received are NOT what is pictured here. They still work fine, but they seem a lot cheaper than the ones depicted, which I had previously bought elsewhere. I'm super annoyed by the dishonesty. 3
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